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Aneros is the original designer of prostate massagers designed to alleviate prostate issues and give people with prostates more pleasure. How does it do that? By using Helix you can alleviate congested fluids from your prostate, which helps shrink it or return it to its natural size. With the blockage gone, you can experience very strong, explosive orgasms. The creators of Aneros have talked with people who experience erectile dysfunction, and they reported that using a prostate toy can actually help them reconnect with their erections and have more intense orgasms. They also said that with the help of Helix they can have full-body and/or multiple orgasms.
To use it, you insert the toy into your butt with the internal wavy part facing the front of your body.  You contract your PC muscles (i.e. clench your butt muscles). As you clench, the toy moves and strokes the prostate and can provide very intense stimulation, and even more intense orgasms. The toy also provides external perineum massage. The shape of toy cradles the prostate as your muscles contract with your orgasm!
Self Serve customers haven't always preferred the Aneros designs; the plastic was too cold and the holder at the base was too pointy.Since then, Aneros intricately refined and upgraded their design for comfort and performance through customer feedback and study of anatomy. Helix has an improved comfort tab at the bottom for adjusting and massaging, and the velvety silicone layer over the plastic makes the toy way more comfortable and warmer to the touch.
Our reviewer loved it so much, Helix had to be enjoyed twice in one day!
Materials: Silicone and plastic
• Insertable length: 4”
• Total length: 4.25
• Diameter: .95”
Care and Upkeep:
You can sterilize the insertable portion of this toy because it’s covered in silicone. Wash it for 3 minutes in warm water with a gentle soap. The plastic portion isn’t considered sterilizable because it can get scratched and bacteria can hide in scratches. Don’t boil this toy because the plastic could melt. Use it with water-based lubricant.

21-04-2017 17:35

I bought a Helix about a week ago and have used it twice.
I love it!
It’s an entirely different experience than typical masturbation or penetrative sex.
The sensations it created for me were whole-body with no particular origin and they intensified as I learned the positions and muscle contractions that work best for me.
Even the positions and motions that weren’t my favorites were still pleasurable.
I haven’t had a “Super-O” that’s discussed on the Aneros website, but I’m certain that’s just a matter of time and practice. However, after my first session of about 45 minutes my wife joined me and my orgasm was stronger and longer lasting than usual.
Since we’re all different, your orgasm mileage may vary.

I recommend reading some of the user experiences on the Aneros forums and keep in mind that it doesn’t bring instant gratification. It takes some patience and relaxation for best effect.

Many thanks to Matie for all of her help and knowledge when I was buying the Helix.

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