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S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide

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Have you ever wondered… Am I normal? (And what is "normal," anyway?) What's up down there? I really like girls, but I like boys sometimes, too. Am I gay, bisexual, or just messed up? Are we both really ready to have sex? Is it ok if I masturbate? I feel like I can't ever say "no" to my partner. What's the problem?
Heather Corinna and Scarleteen.com have been providing sex education and information for young adults, parents, and mentors for nearly ten years. Whether you're straight, gay, sexually active, or just plain curious, S.E.X. spells out everything you need to know, including: a sexual readiness checklist Illustrations of different bodies reproductive anatomy; how to love your body, even when it's changing every day; tips on safer sex for body, heart, and mind; an in-depth birth control breakdown; how to create and enjoy the relationships that are right for you; popular mechanics of partnered sex -sexual activities explained, including pregnancy and STI risks.

We love how this book is written in a gender-neutral style, and includes more content for trans or otherwise gender-noncomforming readers.  This edition also has a new chapter to help you sort through what you hear and see when it comes to sex from friends, family and media, including sexual media like pornography, and how to find what you think, want and feel for yourself.  It includes a Yes, No, Maybe list from the Scarleteen website, and an adapted version of the Klein Grid better suited to young people.  It also has content about managing cultural conflicts with sexuality, sex or relationships; making choices about relationship models; information on sex and the law, including a new guide with the basics of what to do (and what not to do) should you ever find yourself involved with the justice system; info on navigating dating or sex when technology is involved; how to get great at consent; help and support for abuse or assault survivors; and a guide to bystander intervention so we can all help better prevent or stop abuse or assault.

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