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Sexy Mamas

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Sexy Mamas is a Self Serve favorite for moms & any new parent.ᅠ We support finding the "new normal" in your sex life after baby.

While parenting books rarely broach the subject, most mothers can testify that sexual desire doesn't disappear when they have children; it simply gets buried under an avalanche of conflicting demands on their time and attention.

Sexy Mamas, by the authors of The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, reaches out to women who want to integrate the pleasures of a satisfying sex life with the joys of motherhood. The book offers tips, anecdotes, and practical information about sex, supported by advice from medical experts, sex experts, and the most knowledgeable experts in this area - other mothers. Candid anecdotes and suggestions from hundreds of survey respondents support, encourage, and inspire readers to embrace a more powerful maternal sexuality.

Topics include what hormonal, psychological, and environmental factors affect the sex drive, rekindling relationships, the best sex, parenting resources, and more. Sexy Mamas is a practical, informed guide for all mothers.

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