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Combining a candle and massage oil makes for an amazing sensual experience. Light it and enjoy its scent and illumination, then drizzle the warm oil on the skin as the perfect start to an unforgettable massage - or a hydrating treat after a bath.  The floral smell of pink lotus will fill your senses and the soft glow of the candle’s porcelain pot will bathe you in gentle light.  Whether you’re the giver or the receiver of a sensual massage, you’ll start glowing before the end of your night.
You would probably like this if you want to give or receive a luxurious massage; if you want to pamper yourself; if you want to surround yourself with a wonderful smell.
You would probably not like this if you prefer hot wax play; if you want to use latex barriers after massage; if you don’t want to clean up oil; if you prefer a more subtle scent; or if you like a thinner massage oil.
Our reviewer said, "The massage oil feels smooth, thick, and is delicious smelling; it feels like a decadent luxury. The oil immediately absorbs into the skin making it soft and slippery. The scents are long lasting without being overpowering. The spout on the candle reduces mess by making pouring more precise."
Contains: Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy, and Aloe; natural cotton wick
Free of: phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, lead, paraffin
• Height: 2.5”
• Length and width: 2.6”
• Volume: 4.5oz
Easy pour spout
Melts at body temperature
Heavy weight/thickness
Up to 32 hours of clean burning time
No animal testing or animal products
Also available in Cucumber Water and Pink Lotus scents
Contour M ceramic massage stone sold separately
Care and Upkeep:
You’ll get a more even burn every time if you allow the candle to melt the entire surface of the candle before you start pouring.  This candle makes it easy to pour out only what you desire because of it’s spouted design.  Trim the wick to ~¼ an inch before lighting it so you won’t have a huge flame when you light it.  Because these candles melt at such a low temperature, they’re very comfortable when the oil hits the skin; but in hot weather, they can get melty on their own.  Consider this if you’re planning on ordering one through the mail or mailing one to a friend.



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