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Did you know that there’s a town in Newfoundland named Dildo?  And that they have an annual event called Dildo Days, hosted by… yes, Captain Dildo (who looks like the Gorton Fisherman, not a penis)!  Yeah, we found this out when googling the name of this lovely toy.  Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Canada to get a “Captain dildo.”  If you want a realistic, larger dildo, Captain has you covered!  
Its sculpted head and veins add to its realism; plus it's made with PleasureWorks’ Firm-core material, which combines... well, a firm core and a softer, more pliable outer layer. Here’s more info from the manufacturer: PleasureWorks® knows you like it hard… and soft! So they’re bringing you both at once with their sexy and squeezable firm-core dildo line. Enjoy 100% quality silicone harness-compatible toys with a more lifelike feel than most silicone can offer! Whether you’re looking for a very realistic dildo or simply love the comfort of a softer and more flexible exterior, you’ll love the way the solid inner core gives the rigidity you want from silicone, offering fullness and sensation, while the skin-like exterior offers a smoother feel. Warms to body temperature during use, great with vibrations, easy to clean with mild soap and water, and hand crafted in the USA!
Material: Silicone
• Insertable length: 7”
• Total length: 7.5”
• Diameter: 2”
Made in the USA
Care and Upkeep:
Wash Captain in warm water with mild soap for 3 minutes to sterilize it.  Since it’s silicone you should also be able to put it in boiling water for 3 minutes, but the company recommends the soap and water method.  Use only with water or oil-based lubricants.  As always, we recommend you wash your toy before its first use and after each use.

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