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Product Details

Double penetration provides a special feeling of fullness that some of us adore. Enter the Penetrator! This silicone dildo is attached to a cock ring that can go around the shaft or balls of someone’s existing penis thus allowing for the use of the penis and Penetrator at the same time! The bottom of the Penetrator is slightly curved so it wraps around the penis on which it’s sitting for a hot look and a better fit.

The combinations of ways to use this toy extend to how many holes there are to fuck! You can use it anally and vaginally with the toy in either place; you can use it double vaginally or double anally too. You have to figure out what position of the toy and yourselves will work best for what you want to achieve, but once you do… well, our reviewer said: “I came really, really hard. Like, my voice was hoarse the next day.”

The cock ring is stretchy enough for use around most cocks but firm enough to keep the toy in place. For some penis sizes and positions, putting the ring around the shaft or around the balls may work better. And if you need a tighter fit to the ring, you can put another, stretchier ring on top.

Speaking of our reviewer, they also said:
“All I want to do is have sex with it!”

You would like this toy if you love or want to try double penetration, and you have a penis or have a partner with a penis who wants to use it.
You would not like this toy if you don’t like cock rings, and if you feel uncomfortable spending a little time working out the best position in which to use it.

Materials: Platinum-cure silicone
• Total length: 7"
• Diameter: 1.6"
• Diameter of the ring: 1.5"

Care and Upkeep:
Silicone is sterilizable for super sexy safety! You can boil this toy for 3 minutes, or wash it with warm soapy water for 3 minutes, or even put it in the top rack of your dishwasher with a gentle soap (not the stuff that forcibly cuts grime from your dishes) for a cycle.

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