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We're always on the lookout for a good gspot toy. And we have many... but that doesn't mean we don't want more! So when this toy came knocking -and it knocked our socks clean off - well… we were very happy to welcome it to the Self Serve family.

There are two things that make this toy so amazing. One is the very firm curve it has. Gspots love firm pressure. A lot of our favorite gspot toys are glass, stone or metal because they're so firm, but when you want something that vibrates…? Many gspot vibrators are curved to hit the spot, but they're flexible and springy, which can be nice for other types of stimulationl, but less good if you're trying to stimulate a gspot.

The other great thing about this toy is it's upwardly curved controller. The scenario: you have one toy stimulating your gspot, and then another toy stimulating your clitoris, and then you want to reach down -past the external toy- and change the settings on the toy that is between your legs with a button that's pointing at your toes. It's not always easy. We don't all have very long arms. But the curve on this toy means we can avoid getting tangled up because it puts the control button curved up between our legs. Easy to reach!

This toy isn't just a great gspot stimulator. You can use it on the clitoris, and anally too.

You would like this toy if you want a great, firm gspot vibrator. You would not like this toy if you prefer more intensity settings to vibration patterns, and if you prefer a multi-button toy. This toy has just one button to change the settings.

Our reviewer said: “The shape of the controller is brilliant. You can use it externally to warm up and internally to hit the gspot. Unlike most internal vibes the shape of the controller made it possible to add an external vibrator once the toy went in. BRILLIANT. Additionally the firmness of the internal portion made this toy a big winner. Squirting was easy, you could easily turn the vibrator portion on and off while using it. It was just the right size for my gspot... not too big...not too small... perfect!”

Settings: 2 intensities, 5 vibration patterns
Power: USB rechargeable
Material: Medical-grade silicone
• Insertable length: 5”
• Total length: 8.25”
• Diameter: 1.27”

Noise: Medium, 5 on a scale from 1-10
Vibration character: Slightly on the buzzy side
Vibration intensity: 7 on a scale from 1-10

Care and Upkeep:
Silicone is sterilizable! You can wash this toy with warm, soapy water for 3 minutes to do so. Don't boil it; it has a motor that will be very unhappy with you!

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