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Hemp rope is a classic material used to tie people up for sensual bondage.  All of our hemp rope is beautifully hand dyed in small batches for excellent and consistent color. The ends are hand whipped in sturdy black thread. We sell both 6mm and 8mm widths.  8mm is less pinchy than 6mm and is great for restraint.  You can worry less about damage to nerves and tissue with this wider rope.  6mm produces flatter, more aesthetically pleasing designs and knots.  You may need to wrap it around limbs more times to make it safe for those people who like to pull and struggle.  6mm is great for Japanese style bondage like Kinbaku.  All of the rope has been fully pre-conditioned to be soft with that distinct “hemp” feeling, and you won’t believe the fantastic smell!
Material: Hemp rope and thread
• Length: Choose above, 15’, or 30’ occasionally longer lengths may be available
• Diameter: Choose above, 6mm or 8mm
Processed with vegan, allergen free oils.
Care and Upkeep:
Rope gets softer and weaker with use. The weave relaxes and the fibers become more supple. A well loved piece of rope will resemble your favorite pair of jeans. Repeated washing will accelerate this process and reduce the overall tensile strength.

For most bondage uses, repeated washings are just fine and your rope will last you for years, however if you intend to use your rope for load-bearing play, such as suspension bondage, then you will need to be extra careful if using older, laundered rope.
Remember: Suspension bondage is dangerous. Seek proper training before attempting and always inspect your rope and hardware before use. When in doubt, replace it.
We suggest storing your rope in loose coils or braids.  To wash your hemp rope, place it into an old pillow case or laundry bag, and tie it at the top. You can put your rope in loosely or loosely knot it as in a chain sinnet (that’s the one where you loop it and pull another loop through each consecutive loop). Do not mix your rope colors during your first couple washings as there may still be trace amounts of dye that may bleed. (These ropes are washed after dying, but this is still a hand-dyed product so it is best to err on the side of caution just in case.)
Wash on the shortest, gentlest, cycle possible using cold water, and a small amount of gentle soap. Use an extra spin setting if available to remove excess water, to reduce your drying time.
Allow your rope to hang dry for about two days. If you knotted it, unknot it and let dry for a few more days. Rope may take 4-5 days to fully dry depending on the humidity.
If you wash your rope, you’ll want to re-oil it. Apply a very light application of scent free baby oil to your hands or a cloth and run the rope lengths through a few times. Do not use plant- or animal- based oils as they can quickly become rancid, destroying your rope.

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