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Article number: ORLIJUTE-TEAL-15'
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Jute is commonly used for bondage in Japan. Ours is a loosely twisted natural fiber and has a coarse (but not prickly), fiber-y texture. It is light, flexible, holds knots well and is less likely than synthetic materials to burn the skin when pulled across. The more you use this rope, the softer it becomes. It has a beautiful sheen and is a fantastic rope for those who are allergic to hemp fiber, although because it is more loosely woven, more attention should be paid to knots that are supporting weight to be sure there's no slipping. Our jute rope is local and hand dyed.

Choose from two lengths when in stock, 15' and 30'. The shorter lengths are great for binding wrists, ankles or decorative additions. Longer lengths are better for creating rope harnesses, suspensions, or wraps that span more of the body. Please note that natural fiber ropes, like jute, have naturally occurring inconsistencies that can make them ill-suited to support someone's body weight. Your discretion and care is needed.

Our jute comes in 6mm diameter only. This means that the rope is more narrow. It's great for more delicate work and for smaller knots that are less likely to push on nerves, but it may be necessary to wrap it around body parts more times than with a wider rope for safety and comfort as more narrow ropes can dig into the skin.

Material: Jute
Dimensions: 6mm width, 15' or 30' lengths

Care and Upkeep:
This rope comes already conditioned by our local vendor. We do not recommend that you wash your jute rope unless it becomes very dirty. Jute can swell in water which will shorten the overall length and it will need to be reconditioned. If you have to wash it, consider putting it in a dishwasher if you have access to one, with no soap. The dishwasher will keep the rope from getting twisted and you won't need a washing bag to keep the fibers out of your washing machine's filter. Jute rope needs to be dried under tension or it will become misshapen. Tie it up as if it's a clothing line and then hang something from it like bottles or ornaments. After drying completely, you may need to re-oil the rope. Avoid food based oils as those can go rancid. Mineral oil, tsubaki or beeswax may be used. Put a small amount on an old cloth and draw the rope through the oil on the cloth, rotating it to coat evenly.

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