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Ever find yourself having sex while pushing yourself away from the wall to help with thrust, or grabbing someone’s hips for leverage?  Not quite as lean and limber as you once were?  The Penetration Station has been designed to give you that extra edge without banging your head or leaving finger marks on anyone’s flesh.  It’s designed to use in a wide variety of positions and even comes with an instructional DVD that details how to use the kit in all the ways that tickle your fancy.
We know it has a funny name that sounds like a train is a-comin', but still we think the Penetration Station is one of the coolest inventions ever.ᅠ Our reviewer was skeptical, but actually had the time of her life enjoying this incredibly practical bedroom playground!ᅠ
She said, "I love having lots of toys and accessories around the bedroom for a good time. But it's rare that a new sex product is brilliant enough to become an item I use almost every time I do it.  I can keep my legs up with less effort, I can lean my feet against the top tethers for support, and pull myself up for deeper angles when everyone's 'hands are full.'"

The Penetration Station is an under-mattress system that supports you during sex.ᅠ Without any hardware, it's simple to set up.ᅠ  Slide the center strap and leverage straps under your mattress.  Connect and tighten the center strap around the width of the mattress.  Position two of the leverage straps at the head of the mattress and two at the foot.  Neoprene and nylon attachments easily snap in place and work as hand grips, foot stirrups and/or thigh straps.
You can adjust the straps to hold up legs, grab onto the straps with your hands, hold yourself up, push deeper into your partner- the uses are infinite. When the fun is over, tuck the leverage straps with attached handles under your mattress.  No one will know what you’ve got going on under there, and it’s ready and waiting for your next sexcapade.
It's rare that products are developed in the sex toy industry that actually solve common challenges in an innovative, smart and affordable way. Sportsheets has done it with the Penetration Station. Those of us who have challenges around movement or mobility, want a little extra support or power, or who want to try challenging positions not normally achievable, can benefit from this great and sexy tool.  You may not know its glory by looking at the package, but I'm getting on that train, and I encourage you to hop on, too.
Materials: Polypropylene webbing, ABS plastic hardware, neoprene
• 1 center strap, 15.5’
• 4 Leverage straps, 7.9’
• 4 Neoprene handles
Fits any size mattress
Care and Upkeep:
Nylon webbing can be washed in cool water with mild detergent.  Neoprene is water resistant and ABS plastic does fine in the same cool water and detergent.  You can wash this by hand if necessary, but if you put it in the washing machine definitely use a washing bag or even put it all in a pillowcase and knot the top.  All those straps can definitely wrap around washing machine parts and you’ll need the jaws of life to get your Penetration Station loose after that.  Let it air dry.  All of the materials in this kit are considered porous.

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