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If you've already chosen a barrier contraceptive such as FemCap, Caya, or a diaphragm, you know that contraceptive gel must be used along with the barrier. Only together can you get excellent contraceptive effectiveness.
Typical nonoxynol-9 spermicides are loaded with harsh chemicals that enter your body through the porous vaginal mucous membranes. In addition, irritation, burning, and rashes often occur from exposing sensitive skin to the abrasive spermicidal gel.
ContraGel is imported from the UK so you have access to a natural form of contraception.ᅠ Buy ContraGel from Self Serve and we'll ship priority from Albuquerque, NM.ᅠ Use it with condoms, diaphragms or cervical caps.  It’s entirely hormone-free, instantly reversible contraception, has no Nonoxynol 9, and is an alternative to Femprotect Natural Spermicide.  It’s available with no prescription, has over 35 years of production history, is organic, vegan, and totally non-toxic.  It is CE approved for use with a barrier contraceptive and works by limiting sperm mobility, at the same time creating a secondary seal around the barrier.
It works in two ways. First, it reduces the PH levels in the vagina making it inhospitable to sperm. Second, it's viscous consistency traps sperm to prevent it from swimming past any openings around the barrier contraceptive.  You are therefore protected on two fronts, significantly increasing the reliability of your contraception.
ContraGel effectivity and safety are well established. It is CE certified for use as a contraceptive gel to be used along with a barrier contraceptive. ContraGel has a long history of customer satisfaction and excellent ratings. It was manufactured from 1972 until 2003 under the name Contracep Green and more recently under the name ContraGel Green.
Too often we resign to using a cheaper, less healthy options simply because the natural alternative is too expensive! The manufacture of ContraGel went to great lengths to create a superior natural product that is both healthy, and affordable.  ContraGel tubes last for up to 20 applications!
Contragel is not a chemical spermicide, and is not yet approved by the FDA.
Ingredients: Water, lactic acid, sodium lactate, methyl cellulose, sorbic acid
Size: 2oz
Twist off cap
Care and Upkeep:
ContraGel is safe to use with natural latex, rubber or polyurethane condoms as well as latex or silicon rubber diaphragms and cervical caps.

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