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Ask Self Serve – Female Ejaculation

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Ask Self Serve – Female Ejaculation

Question: Okay, so I’m a squirter and lots of time I get too wet and am unable to keep my partner inside. How can I help dry it out so the moment isn’t interrupted?



Answer: First off, we want to congratulate you on your ability to squirt. It’s something a lot of people are working towards, it’s great that you’ve figured out how to do it. Squirting is a slang term for female ejaculation. Female ejaculation frequently occurs when someone’s gspot is heavily stimulated and the Skene’s glands fill with fluid. If the right combination of stimulation occurs the fluid is projected out during sex and during orgasm.
Many people, medical health professionals included, have misinformation about the gspot, so we’re going to lay out some basics first. 1) The gspot exists. It’s an area on the front (anterior) vaginal wall that has ridges and generally enjoys firm pressure. 2) The Skene’s glands are what produce female ejaculate because they fill up with fluid that is similar to prostatic fluid. Like male ejaculate, female ejaculate is NOT urine. Women shouldn’t feel shame if they do female ejaculate. 3) Some people believe the gspot and gspot orgasms are actually just clitoral stimulation on the back of the clitoris. 4) If you want to get to know your gspot, we’ve got lots of toys just for gspot stimulation. Some of our top sellers are the Njoy Pure WandPurple Rain, and the G Marks The Spot. Come check them out if you have other questions about gspot fun.
Now to your question, you might look into getting a blanket that is waterproof and made especially for those lucky female ejaculators. The Liberator Fascinator Throe is a water-resistant blanket that keeps your sheets dry for sleeping on, because the fluid is caught on the blanket. For keeping your partner ‘in,’ check out sex position pillows. Liberator pillows are firm enough to give you the support your body needs to get into a good position for a tighter feeling for your partner. You might also look into a pelvic floor exercise toy. Strengthening your pelvic floor can help keep you in control of what your muscles do during sex. If you want to create a tighter sensation, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles while trying different positions to get the fit you are searching for.
And finally, sometimes sex just comes with interruptions. If you do get interrupted and can’t go back to what you were doing, try something different. If penetration isn’t feeling fantastic in a moment, try oral sex or manual sex for a little while. But generally with sex, the wetter the better.
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Questions are answered by Self Serve Staff and edited by Hunter Riley.
Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider for any medical condition.


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