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Ask Self Serve – Orgasm During Anal Penetration

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Ask Self Serve – Orgasm During Anal Penetration

Question: Can someone who has a vagina and clit reach orgasm during anal sex?


Answer: Everybody is different and experiences pleasure uniquely. What helps one person experience orgasm won’t necessarily work for another. Many people, regardless of gender, LOVE anal play and the feeling of being “full.” Some like anal penetration as an accompaniment to vaginal penetration or oral sex. Some people with vaginas like anal stimulation all by itself — all they need is a little warm up to get to penetration and orgasm. Some people with vaginas need anal penetration to orgasm, and some don’t like anal play at all. There’s no wrong answer!


The anal area is nerve-ending rich for all people. Most butts are very active during arousal and orgasm, you just might not know it yet! During arousal and orgasm your sphincter muscles are clenching and relaxing. Those contractions stimulate the sensitive nerve endings. Anal toys such as butt plugs and dildos apply pressure and more stimulation.


For people with a clitoris, the shape of the clit plays an important role in anal pleasure and orgasm. The clitoral legs reach back and down into the body on either side of the vaginal opening and end very close to the anal sphincters. Anal play and toys can indirectly stimulate parts of the clitoris, which can lead to or intensify orgasms. Many people ask us about pain during anal play. If you’re experiencing pain you’re doing it incorrectly and should stop immediately. Sex should never hurt. If it’s not pleasurable here are some tips. 1) Always use lube — and lots of it. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the mouth and vagina. Sassy is a popular anal lube we carry. 2) Relaxation — start with a massage or vibrator on the anal opening for at least a few minutes before any insertion occurs. Try a small finger or toy before using larger toys/penises. We recommend the Booty Cutie or the Disco Booty Party to start out. 3) Use verbal communication — it’s crucial before, during and after anal play to make sure everyone is comfortable. 4) Clit/Penis stimulation — for many people, anal penetration and genital stimulation feel great together. A good vibrator like the Divergence or a penis sleeve like the Tenga Egg can feel great with anal play. For more info, check out the Ultimate Guides to Anal Sex for Men and Women.


Lots of people orgasm through anal play, it just takes a bit of time and patience to experiment with what feels good for you.


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Questions are answered by Self Serve Staff and edited by Hunter Riley.


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