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Ask Self Serve – The 50 Shades Effect

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Ask Self Serve – The 50 Shades Effect

Question: What has become your best-seller since the 50 Shades craze?

Answer: The 50 shades effect has been huge. The book has inspired millions to play with sex and power in ways that were previously off limits. At Self Serve we see new customers daily looking to feel the feelings that Anastasia and Christian shared.
One of our most popular items used in the book are pelvic floor exercise toys. The pelvic floor is a big deal. Many people aren’t in touch with the muscles that spasm when you have an orgasm. If the muscles are strong, they can increase orgasmic intensity, help prevent prolapse, and decrease the risk of incontinence. The most common design for exercise toys is a ball or balls with a weight suspended internally that you wear vaginally. The balls are most effective when you’re active (such as cleaning, working, dancing, getting a spanking, or roller skating) and your pelvic floor muscles responds by contracting. We recommend the Personal Pelvic Trainer weights or Smartballs, because they’re a good starting point.
For women and men, doing “the squeeze” during sex or masturbation draws blood to genitals, heightens arousal, can help achieve orgasm and feel pretty fantastic for a partner. For men, pelvic floor strength can help delay orgasm and make for stronger erections. The best pelvic floor toy for men is an internal prostate massager. We recommend the Helix but if you’re not ready to open up the back door yet you can put a wet washcloth on your erection, and try to lift it up and down. During sex, you can use that same movement to help delay orgasm when you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles right before “the point of no return”. Self Serve carries other toys used in the “red room of pain”. Visit us at or in the shop to check them out!
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Questions are answered by Self Serve Staff and edited by Hunter Riley.
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