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Tease your senses, spice up the bedroom and open yourself up to a new world of erotic possibilities. This gift set that will take you and your partner on an erotic journey of sensation. Trying new things together will help keep your relationship feeling new and exciting, and increase intimacy and desire. We’ve known couples who’ve been together for over 20 years, and they used a blindfold for the first time and it changed their lives. A blindfold is one of the simplest and most pleasurable sex toys. When you take away one of your senses, it takes the rest of your senses to the next level. And it’s just one of the amazing and easy to use items included in this kit. You’ll also learn to how to love blowjobs and feel sexy and confident giving oral pleasure to your partner, try an incredible lube, play a sexy game and more!

The kit also includes:

 • A sweet and never sticky edible honey dust and feather kit. Dust it on your partner and lick it off for increased arousal and perfect foreplay.

• We’ve included 10 truth or dare sticks to start off your night and increase communication and desire. The couple who tested this game have been together for over 10 years and found that one night of focused fun opened up discussion they had never had before and tried things they had never imagined.

• We’ve included a bottle of glycerine free lubricant to add sensation and increase stimulation and reduce friction. Lube is one of our top recommendations to make sex incredible and spice up the bedroom.

• We’ve included one of our top selling vibrators: The Silver Bullet is simple to use and perfect for couples! Vibrators make for intense stimulation and reliably add pleasure and can add to all types of sex.

• Silky sash restraints help you dip a toe into bondage, power play, while feeling the luxurious silk on your skin. Again, it’s a buffet of sensation for you to explore.

• Our massage oil candles continue your evening and melt into perfectly warmed (but not too hot) massage oil you can pour on your partner’s body and massage into their skin. Our candles are handmade with love by us, all natural, and our staff pick for a dreamy evening.

• The online version of our most popular class “Mastering the BJ: Interactive Skills” will also be yours to keep. Learn to how to love blowjobs and feel sexy and confident giving oral pleasure to your partner. Follow along at home with this class with a penis you love! We’ll cover the anatomy, positions for better blowjobs, communicating about your desires, controlling your gag reflex, the art of deepthroating, ball, perineum and ass play and more!


This Spice Up the Bedroom package is valued at $100 value but is on sale right now for $47! Check it out today to increase intimacy and desire, and deepen your relationship with yourself and your partner. It’s a great date night idea, or just some fun to add to your everyday life.