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These balls are built for pleasure and to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which leads to stronger, more intense orgasms as well as helping with continence and preventing prolapse. Hello, Kegels are silky smooth, and each ball contains a weighted bead that cause organic vibrations with your movement, stimulating and massaging you. 
Put one or both beads into your vagina (use lube!) and use your pelvic muscles to hold them in place. Try using them while doing yoga, in the shower, or walking the dog. It can take a few weeks to feel a difference, but it’ll be a fun few weeks!
To remove Hello, Kegels, squat down or put one foot up on the edge of the tub, push down with your muscles and reach into your vagina to remove the balls. Best to do it in the shower if you think pushing with your muscles will make any urine escape!
You would like this toy if you like kegel toys and want the freedom of two separate balls, or if you want to try a kegel toy that gives you options.
You would not like this toy if you want an  attached removal string.
Our reviewer said, “The sensation of the independent balls is really nice when you have them inserted in a vagina.”
Please note that doctors and medical personnel diagnose weak pelvic floor issues and many symptoms of a weak pelvic floor are the same as having a pelvic floor that is too tense. If you are looking to correct symptoms that may have a medical basis, we urge you to see a professional first.


Material:   • ABS plastic (phthalate free)
Dimensions:   • Diameter: 1.3” (3.3cm)
    • Weight: 1.8oz (51g)

Care and Upkeep

You can wash Hello, Kegels in warm water with a gentle soap.  As always, we recommend washing your toys before first use and after each use.  You can use any sexual lubricant with these balls!