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($9.95 Incl. tax)
The Jackit is a soft, textured sleeve that adds a hot boost to your handheld lovin’.  
Masturbation sleeves keep getting better and better!  The Jackit is a soft, textured sleeve that adds a hot boost to your handheld lovin’.  
This sleeve is wider than many so you can adjust your sensation level with the pressure of the hand that holds it.  Use it for a hand-job upgrade, turn it inside out over the head of a vibrator to add texture, or slide it onto balls during other penis play. Take it on long, lonely road trips, take it overnight, or keep it handy by the bedside.  It's convenient and discreet, plus it makes clean up a snap. 
To use it, add some lube into your Jackit, squish it to distribute evenly, put it over the target, move it around!  It’s easiest if the hands that wield it stay dry or it becomes too slippery to use the pressure you may want.
You would like this toy if you want a toy that's warm and wet like a mouth, but also gentle.
You wouldn’t like this toy if you want something really tight and firm.
Our reviewer said, “It's wide so you can really choose how much pressure you want- great for starting out slow and warming up without desensitizing.  And it’s gentle on foreskin and sensitive heads.”


Material:   • SEBS (body-safe)
Dimensions:   • Length: 3.5” (8.9cm)
    • Diameter: 2.1” (5.3cm)

Care and Upkeep

Wash your Jackit in warm water with mild soap.  It’s porous so it will hold onto a little of whatever touches it; so make sure you use a soap you don’t mind getting on your dick, and if you’re going to share, make sure you all want to share your body fluids.  Use water-based or silicone lube with this toy. As with any toy we recommend you wash it before its first use and after each use.
If you have any concerns about how this toy may be used with specific issues around mobility or other questions not addressed, please contact us at [email protected] or call (505) 265-5815.