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Evi by Aneros is an ergonomically and anatomically designed kegel exercise toy for women.While you may have heard of Ben Wa Balls or other sexercise toys, the Evi is the first to provide pleasurable motivation to exercise.When you squeeze, Evi can stimulate the clitoris externally, and the Gspot internally.A pretty brilliant idea, if you ask us.
It requires no vibration and offers users a sensual, hands-free experience like no other.Why would we work on strengthening our kegel muscles? Well, it can help vaginas get a strong grip during intercourse; enhance arousal through increased blood flow; have multiple, more intense orgasms, more often; enhance bladder control; and facilitate healthy pregnancy, leading to easier delivery and post-partum recovery.*
Early reviewers reported increased strength in Kegel muscles, with one reviewer calling it “a barbell for your lady bits.” Self Serve's team of reviewers enjoyed this toy because it provides strong bio-feedback so you know you are using your pelvic floor muscles. That can be the most difficult part of kegel exercising, right? Are you or aren’t you squeezing the right muscles? Well, Evi makes figuring it out easy. Here’s how it works:
The bulbous end of Evi is inserted into the vagina, with the handle pointing up towards the clitoris. Then you grip the toy with your pelvic muscles. If you’re moving your muscles the way intended, the handle of the toy raises and lowers, stroking the clitoris (provided the handle is long enough to do so for your anatomy). One of our reviewers found that it only hit her clit if she crossed her legs while squeezing.  If the outside of the toy isn’t going up and down, experiment with squeezing different muscles until it does! This uniquely helps you discover and exercise the muscles essential to sexual pleasure (and also bladder control) and led to the slogan “Kegel fitness with orgasmic incentives.”

Evi requires no vibration and offers users a sensual, hands-free experience like no other.Because while the Evi is a great sexercise toy for kegels, it’s also just a great shaped sex toy for the g-spot.If the Evi is inside vaginally, touch the handle with a vibrator and feel the toy vibrate inside, too.

Evi is covered in velvet-touch silicone and can be worn undetectably under clothing (if you are brave!)Don't forget the water-based lubricant, too.
Material: Silicone
• Insertable length: 3.5”
• External handle length: 3.5”
• Total length: 5.375”
• Diameter: 1.4”
• Weight: 3.3oz
Care and Upkeep:
Silicone is nonporous so it’s completely sterilizable!  Wash Evi before your first use and after each use in warm water with a mild soap.  Three minutes of gentle scrubbing and it’s sterile! You can also put it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Do not use this toy with silicone lubricants as it will break down the silicone material of the toy.  Go for water-based instead.
If you have any concerns about how this toy may be used with specific issues around mobility or other questions not addressed, please contact us at info@selfservetoys.com or call (505) 265-5815.
*There are lots of good reasons for us to build strength in our kegel muscles, but too, note that kegel muscles can get too tense just like any other muscle. Symptoms of having weak pelvic floor (kegel) muscles, can be very similar to when they’re too tight! So, if you’re concerned that you might have one of those issues, check with a medical person first!

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