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($7.99 Incl. tax)
Your kitty is grumpy! Quick! Put on these Kitty Star panties before it shoots rainbow star laser beams from its eyes!
Hungry cats will let you know it. Wherever you are, they’ll find you and go “Mew! Mew!” Most cats, anyway. These cats are a little different. They might mew a few times but don’t keep them waiting. The “Mew! Mew!” will quickly turn to rainbow lasers that shoot out of their eyes. It’s hard to say if they decided to start doing this because it gets them fed faster, or if they’re just regular mischievous cats. What’s easy to say is that you’ll look great in this Kitty Star Hipster Underwear.

This brand of undies is made of super-stretchy and soft blended cotton, with a fit that offers outstanding support. The hipster cut sits just north of the hips and is slightly wider in the side sections than a traditional bikini cut.


  • Available in XS-6X
  • Body Fabric: 95% combed cotton, 5% elastane, lace: 78% nylon, 22% elastane
  • Mid-rise hipster fit
  • ¾” lace waistband lays evenly on the body
  • Stretchy lace trim prevents pinching and softens lines
  • Forgiving black liner hides staining
  • Made with ultra-stretchy, soft, and breathable combed cotton/elastane blend


Machine wash in cold water.  For best results, air dry.