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Not sure which lubricant you’ll like?  That’s normal!  Our bodies are all different so, while we can tell you generally what’s good about a lube and what sort of folks and sex it might work best for, we don’t know your body and and your unique needs.  Many people in our store leave with an assortment of lube packets to see what fits them best.  You can too!
In this pack, we’ll include a combination of water-based and silicone lube packets (unless you tell us at check out that you want only one or the other).  They’re normally $1.50 each, but we’re including 6 for the price of 5.  Most contain enough lube to see someone through one or two sexy times (though it’s perfectly fine if you’re someone who needs more).  When you find the one that you love, put the packaging aside so you know what to order later!  Don’t know about you, but we always think we’ll remember and then…  
Here’s some useful info:
If there are specific lubes you want to try in your 6 pack, there’s a comment box at checkout and you can let us know.  However, we do not keep a strict inventory of our lube packets.  If we’re out of a type you want, we’ll email you to ask for guidance.  Also, Sutil packets are not available as part of the 6 pack.  If you would like to try Sutil in sample size, please order it separately on our website.  Similarly, some of our really good lubes, don’t come in sample packets!  (We’re really sad about this.)  Look on our website for the smallest containers if you want to try them.  And of course, if you want our advice on a lube that you might really like, you can call us at (505) 265-5815, or email us at info@selfservetoys.com.
Water-based lubricants are safe on all sex toys and barrier methods of birth control/STI prevention.  Most people go with a water-based lube, possibly because our minds really understand water.  Water-based lubricants can feel gel-like, watery, or lotion-y depending on the other ingredients in the lube.  
The downside to water-based lubes is that they don’t hold up as well as silicone or oil based lubes.  The water in them evaporates or sinks into our bodies, and then things aren’t as slippery as we want.  You can re-apply the lube, but it’s best to only do that a time or two because all the ingredients that don’t evaporate are still on you, so eventually they build up and start feeling the opposite of lube-y.  You can combat this issue by keeping some water by the bed and putting water on the pertinent areas when the lube starts to dry out.  You can also use saliva, which is mostly water, but make sure first that it’s ok to touch your partner with your spit!  Water-based lubes usually dry up and leave you feeling as you always do quickly after sex.  
Water-based lubes that we often have in packets are:
• Sassy
• Green Apple
• Strawberry Pomegranate
• Cherry Vanilla
• Blue Raspberry
• Almost Naked
Silicone-based lubricants are safe to use on plastic, rubber, glass and metal sex toys.  They’re also safe for all barrier methods of birth control/STI prevention, and interestingly, make good massage "oils."  They are not compatible with silicone sex toys.  They’ll slowly dissolve your toy.  It’s very sad.  If you love silicone lubricant and have a silicone sex toy, we recommend you get a non-lubricated condom, or another non-lubricated barrier, and put it between your toy and the lube.  
Silicone lube usually feels oily or greasy.  It lasts a long time because silicone doesn’t evaporate and it doesn’t sink into our skin. It’s therefore great for marathon sex sessions, people who don’t self-lubricate, and anal sex.  It also isn’t rinsed away by water, so it’s great for sex in the shower.  Since water doesn’t make it go away, the lube sticks with us a while after sex until it drys up or gets wiped away.
Silicone lube is not necessarily worse (and water-based not necessarily better) for people whose skin is affected by many substances.  Self Serve already never carries lube that has glycerin or sugar in it (common ingredients that make us prone to infections).  We do have some lubes that have propylene glycol.  This can be drying to some people’s skin.
Silicone lubes that we often have in packets are:
• Superslyde
• Uberlube
• Gun Oil
Hybrid lubricants combine two different types of lube, like water-based and silicone.  Currently we only have one of our hybrid lubricants available in a packet, which is Ride Bodyworks.  It is available in the 6 pack.
We hope this 6 pack will help you find the lube of your dreams.  Have fun in the testing process!

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