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($34.95 Incl. tax)
A fast, easy to use pump to build erections, make existing erections larger, or just have fun with that pumping sensation.
Penis pumps are used to enlarge erections both in length and girth. They work by sucking more blood into the erection than the body supplies by itself. Most of them work by suctioning air out of a cylinder that your penis is inside, and that’s just how this one works! It’s simple, effective and translucent so you can watch your cock get bigger. Pumps can be used to create an erection when a penis doesn’t get hard by itself, create a larger erection that usual, or just because they’re fun and they feel good.
To use this one, put some lubricant on the edge of the cylinder that will be against your skin to create a seal. (This product comes with a small amount of lube, but you may want some more for subsequent uses, and because lube is awesome.) Put your penis inside the cylinder and stretchy rubber lining and use the hand pump to suck air out of the cylinder. This pump comes with a cock ring, which you can put around the outside of the ring when you begin, then roll it down onto your penis when you want to remove the pump but keep the erection size. The ring helps keep the blood from flowing back into your body so quickly. The ring this set comes with has some loops on the side to make it easy to handle and is not very stretchy. If you prefer a stretchier cockring for comfort, you might try the Party On!, the Forever Ring, or Ridged Wonder. You can check out our cockring page!
You would like this pump if you want to try out a pump and want one that works and won’t break the bank.
You would not like this pump if you want a product with greater suction and a more comfortable edge to the cylinder that sits against your body (check out the hydro pump if this is you).


Materials:   • Plastic, latex rubber
Dimensions:   • Length: 8” (20.3cm)
    • Diameter: 2.5” (6.3cm)
    • Hose length: 9” (22.9cm)
    • Bulb: 4.5” x 2” (11.4 x 5.1cm)

Care and Upkeep

Wash your pump before first use and after each use. Use warm, soapy water. Rubber is not sterilizable because it's porous, and plastic can be sterilized only so long as it has no scratches on it; so, if you’re going to share this toy, do so only with people whose body fluids you want on you!
If you have any concerns about how this toy may be used with specific issues around mobility or other questions not addressed, please contact us at [email protected] or call (505) 265-5815.