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($45.00 Incl. tax)
This coconut oil based lubricant is infused with CBD oil for an experience you’ll remember!
This coconut oil based lubricant is infused with CBD oil for an experience you’ll remember! CBD helps increase your body’s blood flow which heightens your sensation, eases tension, and increases natural lubrication. It is less intense than stimulation creams that give you that hot/cold feeling, but instead relaxes you into a heightened awareness and enjoyment of your sexy bits and helps in achieving orgasm. It takes about 15 minutes after application to feel the effects, but then the sensation lasts for 20-30 minutes.
This product is a box of 10 packets that each contain a measured amount of CBD for single use. So you’ll never have to guess about dosing, though CBD is not a product that will make you high or make you test positive on a drug screening. It’s semi-solid at room temperature but melts as soon as it touches your body. You may find it a little drippy after that, so put a towel down if you want.
We have tested a number of CBD infused lubricants. Let’s just say that some are better than others. We decided to offer Privy Peach because 1. it works! and 2. it’s important to us to bring you lubricants that are safe inside and outside your body. That said, coconut oil is not friendly to everyone’s body, so if you’re unsure or prone to vaginal infections, consider testing a little coconut oil from the store first before diving into the amazing world of CBD.
You would like this product if you love changing up the sensation you get from your body and want something pretty gentle, or if you have trouble orgasming.
You would not like this product if coconut oil isn’t ok for your body.
Our reviewer said, “I have some obstacles to orgasm and this was a surprise product for me. I felt a difference and it was like going back in time when I didn't have those obstacles and the stress of getting frustrated with orgasms. I felt more sensitive but not in a "this is too much vibration" kind of way. It was sorta like my nerves were just more awake and were paying attention to what was going on. I had even started masturbating before I used the oil but the sensation was so unique, I don't think my body was responding to the stimulation before the oil. It was like I was connecting with my genitals in a more mindful way.”


Ingredients:   • Full-spectrum CBD infused organic coconut oil
Single use packets
Medium weight/thickness
It tastes and smells like coconut with a hint of the unique aroma of CBD

Care and Upkeep

Oil based lubricants are safe to use with toys that are plastic, glass, metal, wooden and sometimes silicone. If you want to use this lube on a silicone toy, test a little area first by dabbing it on and seeing if the material puffs up there over the next day. If not, you’re good to go!