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($29.95 Incl. tax)
Please note that all lingerie is for shipping only at this time.
Please note that all lingerie is for shipping only at this time.
Super fun in bright springtime shades that blend like watercolors across the surface of this cami and shorts set.  It's sheer with lace at the edges.  Adjust the straps for the perfect fit.  The top stops just below the midriff and the shorts start just above the hip bones.  Those shorts have a cheeky back to highlight your amazing assets.


Materials:   • Nylon, spandex
XL:   • US size: 14-16
    • Cup: D/E
    • Bust: 38"-40" (96.5cm-101.6cm)
    • Waist: 34"-36" (86.4cm-91.4cm)
    • Hips: 40"-42" (101.6cm-106.7cm)
    • Weight: 160-180lbs (72.6-81.6kg)
Large:   • US size: 10-14
    • Cup: C/D
    • Bust: 36"-38" (91.4cm-96.5cm)
    • Waist: 28"-32" (71.1cm-81.3cm_
    • Hips: 38"-40" (96.5cm-101.6cm)
    • Weight: 140-160lbs (63.5-72.6kg)
Medium:   • US size: 6-10
    • Cup: B/C
    • Bust: 34"-36" (86.4cm-91.4cm)
    • Waist: 26"-28" (66cm-71.1cm)
    • Hips:36"-38" (91.4cm-96.5cm)
    • Weight: 120-140lbs (54.4-63.5kg)
Small:   • US size: 2-6
    • Cup: A/B
    • Bust: 32"-34" (81.3cm-86.4cm)
    • Waist: 24"-26" (61cm-66cm)
    • Hips: 34"-36" (86.4cm-91.4cm)
    • Weight: 90-120lbs (40.8-54.4kg)

Care and Upkeep

Hand wash in cool water with a gentle soap. Lay flat or hang dry.

About the lingerie we're carrying

Self Serve is super excited to start carrying lingerie and other sexy clothing!  Because of the pandemic, we've brought in specific lines recommended to us by our friends in the business, rather than testing all these items ourselves (though we're hoping to do that eventually).  If you have feedback on the item you purchase, please reach out and let us know!  Or leave a review!  All lingerie items are shipping only for now.  So, please select shipping at checkout.  We recognize that despite our best efforts, some people may find that their body type is inadequately represented by the choices available.  We promise we're working on it.
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