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($19.95 Incl. tax)
Botanically flavored for a light, fresh, true taste. And they have no sugar because sugar is NOT good in your lube.
We just can’t get enough from Hathor, the company that makes Sutil.  So, when they started making their extraordinarily popular lube with flavors, we had to get them!  They’re botanically flavored for a light, fresh, true taste. And they have no sugar because sugar is NOT good in your lube (we wouldn’t do that to you).  That makes Sutil flavored lube safe in any body opening in which you want to use it. In other words, they have everything you’ve come to love about Sutil lubricants with one fun new twist: they smell and taste amazing.
What do they use to sweeten them if not sugar?  Stevia. Ok, we know what you’re thinking. “Uh, but stevia tastes weird and bitter.”  Never fear! The smart folks at Hathor put in a teensy amount of richi mushroom (a hypoallergenic and absolutely non-candida containing ingredient) that takes away that bitter aftertaste!  
The flavors are rich and full without being cloying.  The coconut has a lightly sweet coconut aroma and strong rich coconut flavor like a tropical dream or pina colada! The vanilla has a more subtle flavor than the coconut, like rich caramel and vanilla with a slightly sweet maple vanilla scent.
One of the things we love about Hathor is their dedication to sustainability and the environment.  Their tubes are all biodegradable and many of their ingredients (marked with an *) are eco-certified.  They take special care with their ingredients. Here’s some info about what’s in your tube:


• Propanediol: (Zamea) A gentle Humectant derived from corn through an environmentally sustainable process.100% bio-based. Moisturizing and soothing.

• Hyaluronic acid: Is found naturally in the body. It binds with water to create a viscous gel for lubrication of joints and tissues. Moisturizing and Hydrating. Appropriately named “Natures Moisturizer” because it mimics natural wetness. Plant sourced.

• Nelumbo nucifera root extract: Lotus root water extract provides essential nutrients and presents a perfect bio-affinity with the skin. Moisturizing, nourishing and soothing. (Perfect for people who typically experience skin irritation!)

• Oat beta glucan: Replenishes moisture to the skin. Hydrating and soothing.

You would like this lube if you like sweetness on body parts, you don’t want to worry about it getting inside your body, and you want a non-fruit flavor.
You would not like this lube if you like a less sweet flavor.


Ingredients:   • Aqua, propanediol*, hyaluronic acid, nelumbo nucifera root extract*, oat beta
      glucan*, stevia rebaudiana extract, gluconolactone*, sodium benzoate*, citric acid
Free of:   • Glycerin and paraben
Water-based lube
Flip top cap
Medium weight/thickness
Tube is biodegradable

Care and Upkeep

Flip open your bottle with the cap facing up so the lube doesn't spill out of the bottle before you're ready. You can easily wipe up any excess on you or your sheets with a cloth. This lubricant is compatible with all sexy body parts, condoms, dental dams and toys.
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