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($24.95 Incl. tax)
Our buyer was once on a flight out of our cute, Albuquerque Sunport.  She was in line for TSA and just starting to do the whole drill, taking off her shoes, pulling her work computer out of its case… when a TSA agent, seeing her shirt asked “What’s a Sex Geek?”  Gosh, we love educational opportunities!
Indeed, what is a Sex Geek?  Is it someone who learns a broad spectrum of information about sex?  Is it someone who specializes in certain sex knowledge?  Is it someone who gets that giddy, high feeling upon learning a new sexy trick, or something that really turns on their partner?  Yes, we think being a Sex Geek is all of these things and more to boot.  Whatever your definition of Sex Geekery is, proclaim it proudly with a wonderfully soft Sex Geek T-shirt!
Designed by the preeminent Sex Geek himself, Reid Mihalko, this shirt says Sex Geek on the front and has his website,, on the back.  (Visit his site.  We'll still be here when you get back.) They are 100% cotton and run a bit small, especially the fitted sizes.  We recommend ordering the next size up from your usual, especially if you plan on washing them in hot water or putting them in a dryer.