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($280.00 Incl. tax)
Liberator products are simply the best in sex furniture. Their dense, yet soft and comfortable foam supports your body in ways squishy pillows can’t. And their water-proof, washable covers are so smart! Drop ship only.
The Wedge/Ramp Combo has been hailed as the “greatest invention for sex since the bed.” We don’t argue, and neither will you. Teaming up these two expertly-crafted shapes will revolutionize your love life and allow you to experience a variety of new positions while inspiring you to find your own. It really is the best of two worlds and you deserve it.

The ergonomic design and flexible versatility will give you greater stamina for longer sessions that will yield incredibly intense orgasms. The microfiber cover ensures that the two shapes will cling together firmly, allowing you the freedom to experiment without worrying about the shapes slipping off the bed.

The Combo sets a stage for your lovemaking, providing lift for access and deeper connection, as well as support from soft or memory foam beds. Crafted to enhance missionary and from-behind positions, it is also ideal for sixty-nine and oral. The ergonomic angles put you and your partner's bodies in comfortable and stable positions to lose yourself in passion and sensation without having to worry about putting pressure on your knees, wrists, or back. Move the Wedge along the top of the Ramp to find the ultimate support you need anywhere on your body. The Wedge and Ramp can also be used separately to offer even more variety and unlimited opportunities for creativity.

This is the ultimate in pleasure. One try and you will never go back to flat sex again.
You would like this product if you want to experience positions you've done before with new angles and increased support, try new positions that weren't available to you without support, enhance your comfort during sex, and want a product that will support lovers over 300lbs.
You would not like this product if you you want a fabric that absorbs sexy liquid.  This one is water-resistant.


Materials:   Polyurethane foam, polyester water-resistant liner, nylon microfiber cover
Warranty:   • 1 year through the manufacturer
   Wedge:   Length: 14” (48.3cm)
    Width: 30” (76.2cm)
    Height: 7” (17.8cm)
   Ramp:   Length: 34" (86.4cm)
    Width: 30" (76.2cm)
    Height: 12" (30.5cm)

Care and Upkeep

The cover of this zips off and goes right in the washing machine on cold!  It has a “water” resistant liner so your foam will stay free and clear through uses. Please air dry the liner to maintain its water resistance.

Please note that this item is only drop shipping from our supplier warehouse.  We do not carry it in store.  We can have it shipped to you or, you can choose “curbside pickup” at checkout and we’ll have it shipped to us for you to pick up later. If you choose “curbside pickup” on an item that is shipping only, we’ll assume you want us to get it into the store for you to pick up later.  It takes a little longer than regular curbside as we’ll need to order it to come to the store. Wait times may be up to a week.

If our supplier is out of this product (which is rare), we'll contact you asap with the email address you provide. 

If you have any concerns about how this toy may be used with specific issues around mobility or other questions not addressed, please contact us at [email protected] or call (505) 265-5815.