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We strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer service. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, email, or find us on social media.

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1. Shipping and Returns
1.1. Do you offer returns?

Currently we do not. 

1.2. What type of packaging will my order arrive in?

• We ship our packages in priority mail boxes or another plain packaging.
• The return address label will read: SSLLC, 112 Morningside NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108
• There will be no outward reference to the sexy goodness inside the box.
• If we have to declare contents for any shipping reason—your purchase will be appropriately named ‘lotion’ or ‘sporting equipment.’

2. Care and Resources
2.1. We've compiled the following to help with your concerns:
Here are links to our guides for cleaning your toys and resources for issues you or someone you love may be facing.
As always, we're at [email protected], (505) 265-5815, and on Facebook.
Resource Guide:

STI Testing

Sexual Assault Resource Guide

Pelvic Floor Exercise sheet

LGBTQ+ Resource sheet

Beginner’s Cock Ring Guide


Abortion Resources

BDSM Resources

Violet Wand Safety Guide

Contact information

ZIP code 87108
City Albuquerque
Country United States
Telephone 1-505-265-5815
E-mail [email protected]