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Playful and provocative, this collection of 100 sex questions provides a surefire way for lovers to turn up the heat. With a range of thought provoking conversation starters that fall into one of three categories—X, XX, or XXX— these cards allow partners to choose just how intimate they want to get. Simply pick a card and let the titillating talks begin.
Our reviewer said, "The 100 Sex Questions Game exceeded my expectations for a game of this nature. It's a perfect way to get to know someone you might sleep with, but it also works to dive deep with long term partners. I've also played this game at parties with platonic friends. While some people expressed feeling a bit nervous or embarrassed to play, by the end of the deck everyone was giggling, blushing and feeling empowered because of the way this game normalizes talking about sex. Some questions might not appeal to everyone, but you can always pass if you don't want to answer one"
Watch our video below for examples of questions, ways to play and ideas about playing sexy games.

Included: 100 cards in a hinged box

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