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($209.00 Incl. tax)
Adjustable shape, super smart squeeze remote, an app that lets you and your partner control this toy (and other WeVibe toys) anywhere with an internet connection!
The We-Vibe Chorus is the latest is a long line of super popular couple's vibrators.  But even if you haven't been following the progression, you'll be wowed by this toy's innovation!
The We-Vibe Chorus is a vibrator that sits in the vagina and hugs the clitoris.  You can adjust the shape to fit your body, and, if it's comfortable, have intercourse while you wear it.  But the exciting new technology added to this toy comes when we talk about the remote control and the app.  The remote control works to keep you hands free and has buttons to change the intensity of the vibe and to choose patterns.  But it has another way to change the intensity by squeezing!  The company says: "We-Vibe Chorus’ Squeeze Remote is designed with the most natural human response in mind – the tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibration gets. Release your grip and the vibration weakens."  How smart and thoughtful!
So, what about the app?  With the free We-Connect™ app, you can play and share control of Chorus from anywhere with an internet connection, create custom vibes and play together with other We-Vibe™ products. Vibe to music with Beat mode or use Touch mode for real-time control at your fingertips. Better connectivity. Chorus is powered with AnkorLink™ technology. AnkorLink creates the most stable connection between your We-Vibe and the We-Connect™ app. The Squeeze Remote is the anchor between Chorus and the We-Connect app — you’ll need to keep it close by whenever you’re using We-Connect.
All of this comes packaged up with a case that is also the charging stand.  You can plug it in on your bedside table knowing that no one will glimpse it, it won't get dusty, and your pets won't be able to get to it!


Settings:   • 3 intensities, 7 patterns - bonus modes available in the We-connect app
Power:   • Rechargeable; plug in USB cord included
Charge time:   • 120 minutes (2 hours)
Usage time:    • 90 minutes (1.5 hours)
Materials:   • ABS and silicone -produced without phthalates, BPA or latex
Warranty:   • 2 years through the manufacturer
Dimensions:   • Length: 3.1" (7.8cm)
    • Width: 1.3" (3.3cm)
    • Height: 1.7" (4.4cm)
Noise:   • Info unavailable
Vibration character:   • Info unavailable
Vibration intensity:   • Info unavailable
Low charge indicator

Care and Upkeep

You can sterilize this toy by washing it in warm water with a gentle soap for 3 minutes.  Scrub it gently while you wash it.  Do not boil it; it will kill the motor.  As with all toys, we recommend you wash it before first use and after each use.  Use this toy with water-based lubricant.  Oil-based lubricant may also work (test a small section by dabbing a little on and watching to see if the material puffs up within 24 hours -if so, don’t use the oil).
If you have any concerns about how this toy may be used with specific issues around mobility or other questions not addressed, please contact us at [email protected] or call (505) 265-5815.