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($1.75 Incl. tax)
Safer oral sex never tasted so good!  These ultrathin, latex sheets go between your mouth and your lover’s front side or backside while you do that thing with your tongue. They measure about six by eight inches to be sure to cover all your bases, and they come in five scented flavors including vanilla, strawberry, mint, grape and banana. Select a favorite flavor or choose an assortment and try them all!
Tips and tricks: Unless you lift weights with your tongue, don’t stretch the dam out or you’ll have to poke really hard with your tongue before anyone feels anything.  Instead, spread a little lube on the body part you’re going to be stimulating (this means the dam can move around and feel more natural), then gently nestle the dam into the little folds of your lover’s body while holding the edges to make sure they don’t slip away.  Use your tongue to move the dam around rather than holding the dam steady.  Your partner will feel the dam move more than your tongue on the outside of the dam.  Sucking doesn’t work well with dams, unless you just really like a latex balloon in your mouth.


Material:   • Latex
Dimensions:   • Length: ~8” (20.3cm)
    • Width: ~6” (15.2cm)

Care and Upkeep

Dental Dams, like latex condoms, are safe to use with water-based and silicone lubricant.  Never use them with oil-based lubricant because the dam could break.