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($10.00 Incl. tax)
Hair removal creams are often smelly and burn your skin (not to mention your nostrils from breathing the fumes). We don't know how Betty Beauty did it, but this is the best hair removal cream we've ever used! It's made with natural ingredients so you can use it anywhere on your body, frequently if you like, even on your nether bits! (Which is, of course, why we got it, although it can be used on chest, underarm and leg hair too.)
It has conditioners that help to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs to keep your “betty” soft and feeling fine. It has a mild chemical scent but it's neutralized with a pleasant sweet vanilla smell.
To use it, you cut any existing hair short. Then you apply the cream which comes in a simple squeeze tube. There's enough cream in each tube for a few uses for most people. You can wrap your bits in plastic wrap to help keep everything tidy and from drying out while you wait. No burning sensation. Leave it on for 10 minutes and you're done! You just wipe away the cream and hair with a washcloth.
Our reviewer said: “It was a really good experience and it restored my faith in hair removal creams. It didn't sensitize my skin and make me break out! The instructions say 1/4 to 1/2 inch is fine and I trimmed to about 1/2 inch the first time. This did not result in a clean/smooth pubic area. Trimming to a 1/4 inch is best. I also used the cream a second time within 24 hours after the first use to clean things up and it worked great.”
With each purchase, we'll send our own sheet of tips and tricks we learned to help you get the most from this fantastic stuff!


Ingredients:   • Water, mineral oil, calcium thioglycolate, aloe, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth-20, 
    calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, allantoin, bisabolol, sorbitol, 
    yeast betaglucan, fragrance
Flip-top cap
Not tested on animals
Paraben and ammonia free