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($148.00 Incl. tax)
The Spreparts Joque Harness is our go-to for the right mix of durability, sexiness, and usability.
If you’ve ever tried a harness for strap-on sex, you’re probably aware of some of the drawbacks to certain types of harnesses. The ones that are really sturdy and stay tight usually have straps that flap around on your back or legs. Plus you have to loosen them to get them on, thus necessitating a not particularly sexy few minutes of strap tightening and adjusting once you get your cock through the ring and your hips through the harness. But the much easier-to-put-on underwear style harness doesn’t have the longevity of the strappy harnesses because of the materials that facilitate the ease of putting them on.
What to do? Spare Parts Joque Style harnesses are a fantastic blend of the strap and underwear styles, allowing you benefits from each type. The leg straps and wide velcro waistband can be adjusted way before you’re in a position for which you want to look sexy. Then, you just slide it on and make micro adjustments to tighten it with the two adjustment straps on either side of the waist.
It’s extremely comfortable and becomes a virtual second skin that forms and adjusts to your unique shape and size. It’s made with soft triple mesh inner layers of for breathability and spandex and polyester for flexibility and strength. You could wear this harness all day! Plus it has some tiny pockets inside to house bullet-style vibrators for the wearer, one above the o-ring, one below. So smart! Spare Parts’ unique, permanent stretchable o-ring allows this harness to accommodate dildos from 1.5” up to 2” in diameter and is great for double dildos.


Materials:   • Polyester, spandex, elastic
Dimensions:   • Belt: 35-65" (88.9 - 165.1cm)
    • Leg Straps: 14-24" (35.6 - 61cm)

Care and Upkeep

Hand or machine wash in warm or cool water. Lay flat to dry.

How to measure yourself for a great fit:

Measuring for the belt:

Use a measuring tape (like the kind for sewing) and wrap it around your hips where you would wear a belt. Use the number of inches where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself. You should add a few (3-4) inches to this measurement for size fluctuation and room for sizing adjustment. If your measurement fits within size A, we recommend you purchase size A to avoid extra waist strap length that could flop around and annoy you.

Measuring for Leg Straps:

Wrap a belt around your waist where you would normally wear one (this is where your harness should also go). Take the tape measure and put one end of it against the belt front and center (pretty much right under your belly button). Then pass the tape measure between your legs, around one of your legs and back to where it started in front of you. It should be tight but not uncomfortable. Subtract 15 inches from the number of inches you get where the tape measure meets itself.