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So you’re into the Hydropumps for their excellent craftsmanship and the way that water equalizes the pressure on your cock.  You’re in the shower, you pump up and then… you gotta’ stand there holding the pump! It’s not that standing in a torrent of hot water isn’t nice sometimes, but sometimes too you have to go to work, or soap up, or get on with your day!
The shower strap makes using the Hydropump so much easier. Effective use of the Hydropump for size enhancement means it needs to be used routinely for several minutes, several times a week. The shower strap was recommended to us by several loyal Hydropump users and it makes perfect sense!
The adjustable nylon strap hangs comfortably around your neck and has a hard plastic ring fitted to the end that attaches to pump to take the weight off. This ingenious device allows you to continue with your shower routine without having to worry about holding your Hydropump during each session. It’s a great way to help yourself build the habit of pumping.