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($74.95 Incl. tax)
Wanting to try multiple pleasurable sensations, find out what you love, and keep it affordable?  Warm & Sunny has lots of options to explore!
Wanting to try multiple pleasurable sensations, find out what you love, and keep it affordable?  Warm & Sunny has lots of options to explore!  Its three buttons control 1. the internal vibrator, 2. the warming function, and 3. the external vibrator. Use one at a time, or any combination as it suits you.
Ridging at the top of the insertable end allows you to experiment with texture (either internally or externally).  The external vibrator has a wide, diamond shape to connect with your body easily. Warm & Sunny also includes an additional on-demand turbo function that creates a burst of extra intensity whenever you want more! And if you’re hot to trot, you won’t have to wait long for Warm & Sunny to get warm with you. The heating button's on/off setting warms the toy quickly creating a lovely, comfortable experience without getting too hot to handle.
You would like this toy if you want to try multiple forms of vibration, heat, or know you like all of those options.
You would not like this toy if you want a toy that’s particularly large or small (Warm & Sunny’s right in the middle), you want a very lower power/intensity vibration, or 17 vibration patterns to cycle through to get back to a setting you liked will drive you nuts!
Our reviewer said, “The shape of the external vibe makes it so much easier to find a comfortable position for the toy. I also really liked the warming function the toy offered and used it for long periods of time without feeling like it was too warm or overheating.  It is simple and easy to use with 3 buttons.  The shape is unique and pleasurable but on the larger end of insertable lengths for rabbit toys.”


Settings:   • 3 intensities, 17 patterns w/ turbo boost!
Power:   • USB rechargeable; magnetic cord included
Charge time:   • 3 hours
Usage time:   • 60 minutes
Material:   • Silicone, ABS plastic
Warranty:   • 2 years through the manufacturer
Dimensions:   • Insertable length: 5" (12.7cm)
    • External vibe length: 2.5" (6.4)\cm)
    • Total length: 8.26" (21cm)
    • Diameter: 1.25" (3.2cm)
Noise:   • Quiet, 2 on a scale from 1-5
Vibration character:   • Between buzzy and rumbly
Vibration intensity:   • 5 on a scale from 1-5
Toy bag included

Care and Upkeep

Silicone is sterilizable. You can do this by washing the toy for 3 minutes in warm, soapy water. Use only water or oil-based lubes with this toy. Silicone lubes can damage the toy. Don’t boil it! Motors don’t like boiling.
If you have any concerns about how this toy may be used with specific issues around mobility or other questions not addressed, please contact us at [email protected] or call (505) 265-5815.