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Watch out, all you Italian leather sofas and dry-clean only duvets. These supremely plush throws are specially lined to repel love juices, lubes, lotions and all the leftovers of sexual play. One side is an extraordinarily soft surface, the other is silky satin, making it a reversible, versatile, skin-tillating sex-scape. An inner moisture barrier ensures your bedding stays spotless. Totally discreet for travel or on top of your bed.  
Toss it on top of sheets, sofas and fancy home furnishings that you want to shield from your throes of passion.  Perfect for squirters and for never being the one who has to sleep in the wet spot.  The company says that the liquid repellant material inside can make a soft rustling noise when moved, but we’ve had one on our store couch for years and haven’t really noticed that.  
You would like this product if you hate to roll around in the wet, feel more comfortable knowing you won’t soak everything under you, and you love being on something soft or silky.
You would not like this product if you prefer a fabric that absorbs wetness rather than repelling it.


Materials: Polyester, PVC PU (polyvinylchloride and polyurethane)
One year warranty through the manufacturer
Length: 72” (6’)
Width: 54” (4.75’)

Care and Upkeep:
Machine wash, cold with light, gentle detergent or Woolite.  Air dry.  (Machine drying will degrade the water resistant barrier.)

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