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($13.95 Incl. tax)
These nipple suckers are easy to apply and they pull on nipples oh-so-nastily.
Despite appearances, this simple bulb can bring waves of sensation to your play time. These nipple suckers are easy to apply and they pull on nipples oh-so-nastily. They work by squeezing the bulb at the tip to push out air, then you put the open end over a nipple and let go of the bulb. You can adjust how much suction you want by how much air you squeeze out. Get extra staying power by wetting the open end first to create a seal on the skin (you can use lube or saliva).
They create a sensation similar to light nipple clamps but without squeezing the actual skin. The suction does trap blood in the skin, so it’s normal to get some capillaries that burst in the area. (You should take precautions for people easily bruised the same as with clamps.) But you also get to enjoy the increased sensitivity from the engorged blood flow.
These will work best with people who have some breast tissue because of the stiffness of the material and the width of the opening.  They're also safe to use on areas other than nipples.
You would like these if you want an easy way to give nipples pain and you enjoy a steady sucking feeling on your nipples
You would not like these if you want just the nipple to get sucked up (these are wide enough that they’ll take areola too), or if you prefer a wider base to touch the skin for comfort.
Our reviewer said, “It was the right amount of sensation reminding me that something was there without being too much.  It was easy to employ these: just pinch the bulb, stick some nipple-age in there, and let go.”


Material:   • PVC (phthalate-free)
Dimensions:   • Length: 2.25” (5.7cm)
    • Diameter: 1” (2.5cm)

Care and Upkeep

PVC is porous so these will hold onto a little bit of whatever they touch. Wash them with warm water and mild soap.