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($39.95 Incl. tax)
Relax and enjoy the soothing waves of blissful suction with interactive technology in the palm of your hand; a world of possibilities awaits!
Gentle, high-tech and ergonomically shaped; the Cadence Lite is all of the above! Suction toys often times can seem intimidating if you've never experimented with that type of sensation before. Luckily, the Cadence Lite offers powerful, yet tender air pulses to treat your clitoris like royalty. With 5 gradually increasing strengths of pulsing to play with, you'll get to explore at your own pace!
Ready to take it to the next level? With a free to download app, with the simple tap of your screen a world of possibilities awaits you! Whether for solo play or fun with a partner, the option of long distance play or suction that matches the beat of your favorite song will be sure to get your toes curling~
How do you know if you’ll like suction toys?  Motorized suction feels really different from mouth suction, or hand-held pump suction.  The sucking action doesn’t touch the clitoris directly.  It pulls blood into the clitoris giving it a strong erection faster than we get from other kinds of stimulation.  (Yep, clits get erections -we just don’t see it easily because they’re small and often hidden under other body tissue.) 
The sensation from toys like this one feels like a quick, pulsing suction. Put a bit of your favorite water-based lubricant around the toy’s opening to get the best connection! 
You would probably like this toy if you are looking for a gentle air pulse option that is also app connected for remote control.
You would probably not like this toy if you do not enjoy air pulse sensations, or are looking for an air pulse toy that has more functions/added vibration.


Settings:   • 5 suction settings
Power:   • USB magnetically rechargeable; magnetic cord included
Materials:   • Silicone, ABS plastic
Dimensions:   • Total length: 4.44” (11.27cm)
    • Opening:  .5" x .65” ( 1.27cm x 1.65 cm)
Noise:   • 2 on a scale from 1-5 when attached, when not attached the sound can be loud depending on the intensity of the suction
Sensation Character:   • Rumbly
Sensation Intensity:   • 4 on a scale from 1-5


Care and Upkeep

The opening/mouth of this toy is silicone and is sterilizable, wash it thouroughly for 3 minutes in warm, soapy water and allow to air dry. The body is plastic, so if you get any bodily fluisd on it, it could stay with the toy through washing if it’s got any scratches on it.  Use the toy with only water-based or oil-based lubricant.  As with any new toy, we recommend washing it before the first use and after each use.
If you have any concerns about how this toy may be used with specific issues around mobility or other questions not addressed, please contact us at [email protected] or call (505) 265-5815.