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A simple feather is one of the most underrated sex toys available. With them, you can tease, tickle, relax and soothe. This toy puts a few feathers, spread out into a fan shape, on the tip of a plastic wand. The wand makes it easier to draw the feathers across skin eliciting all those yummy feelings and little sighs. Contrast with spanking or scratching for a sensual buffet (if you like that sort of thing)!
You would like this toy if you like sensual sensation play.
You would not like this toy if you need a vegan product, or you prefer to play with heavier sensations.


Materials:   • Turkey feather, ABS plastic, and rubber cap
Dimensions:   • Wand length: 8.5” (21.6cm)
    • Feather length: ~3”-4” (different feathers have different lengths) (7.6cm -10.2cm)

Care and Upkeep

You could wash feathers. Feather pillows get washed sometimes, right? We’ve never known anyone who washes their sexy feathers, however, if you need to wash them, we’d recommend hand washing in cool water with mild soap. We’re not certain what dye is used, so it may stain some porous materials during washing. The wand can be wiped with alcohol or the same soapy water. Feathers and plastics are porous, so you can’t sterilize them.
If you have any concerns about how this toy may be used with specific issues around mobility or other questions not addressed, please contact us at [email protected] or call (505) 265-5815.