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Ever wonder why your polyamory isn’t going as smoothly as you’d like? Wanna make sure you're not a jerk when you're doing this whole polyam thing?
Navigate your relationships like a pro with best practices to both communicate your needs and be receptive to those of your partners.
You've found a name for what you want. You know there’s a community of like-minded people out there waiting for you. But when it’s time to find and engage with them, what are you expected to know? How are you expected to act? How can you interact with a culture while still being your authentic self? So many of our early polyamorous experiences were marred with poor communication and mishaps inspired by the modeling we’ve received from society. Our parents, pop culture, and even previous monogamous relationships have us wired for relationship skills that don’t often fit in polyamory.
If you’re new to polyamory or an old hat still working out the kinks, this is the course for you! 
Accessibility info: All classes are held on Zoom and recorded for future purchase. We use an A.I. live caption service in English.
Kevin Patterson is an active member of the Philadelphia polyamory community. He's been practicing ethical nonmonogamy since August of 2002 after opening up a relationship that eventually became his marriage.
In April of 2015, Kevin was inspired to start Poly Role Models, an interview series for people describing their experiences with polyamory. Poly Role Models is part of a drive and a desire to change the way our lives and communities are viewed. It is currently the most diverse and inclusive platform for polyamory available.
To continue the discussion of polyamorous representation, Kevin has extended the blog's work into nationwide speaking engagements about how race and polyamory intersect. This has led to the writing of the book, Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities. Along with co-writer Alana Phelan, Kevin launched a sci-fi novel series, For Hire. The series centers characters of color and as well as other marginalized identities.

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