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Do you have a dildo you love but it doesn’t work in a harness?  Many great dildos have too floppy a base, are too heavy, or have a base that’s just not wide enough for the strap-on sex we want to have.  Enter base stabilizers!  These firm foam rings go around your dildo and extend the base for hands-free fun.  You wet the inside of the hole on the stabilizer, and slide it over the dildo.  Then put it in a harness.  Voilá, you’re done!
You would like these if you want to make your dildo harness-able, or more stable in a harness, and don’t want to make your own base stabilizer.
You would not like these if you don’t want the length of your dildo decreased by about a quarter of an inch, or have a harness that is too narrow for the stabilizer.
Material: Foam
Large: 4”x3.5”
• Hole: 1.25”x1.5”
Small: 3.75” x 3”
• Hole .75”
Care and Upkeep:
These stabilizers are water resistant, but are still porous.  You can wash them with warm, soapy water, but they’ll still hold onto some of that with which they come into contact.

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