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Review SKYN LARGE x 12


Just like Skyn’s regular non-latex condoms, these are soft and flexible, but roomier for those who want a little extra space.  The breakthrough polyisoprene non-latex material gives you great sensitivity and is clinically proven to enhance sensation.  Polyisoprene starts its life as latex, but is then processed to have latex proteins and allergens removed.  Our customers pick Skyn condoms time and again as their favorite non-latex condoms.ᅠ They are thin, strong, stretchy and comfortable.  
You may also buy these in different quantities through our "Mixed Non-Latex Condoms" product.  We can break apart a box and send you how many you want. If you're concerned that we might not have as many as desired, drop us a line at (505) 265-5815 or [email protected]
Our reviewer said, “I really love using the Skyn condoms and my partner really likes using these larger ones.  It doesn’t feel significantly different from latex to me (though I’m the receiver), and it smells and tastes a whole lot better.  I like that they stretch a bit because to me, polyurethane feels like I’d imagine it would feel if I had sex with a pleather couch.”


Included:    12 condoms
Materials:   • Polyisoprene, silicone lube
Dimensions:   • Length: 8.62” (219mm)
    • Circumference: 6.9" (175mm)
    • Diameter: 2.2” (56mm)
    • Nominal width: 3.45" (88mm)
    • Thickness: No information available

Care and Upkeep

Polyisoprene can be used with water-based and silicone lubricants.  Oil-based lubricants are a puzzler.  Some companies say that yes, you can use their oil-based lube on polyisoprene.  Yet, polyisoprene is close to latex, it just has some proteins and allergens removed, and one can’t use oil with latex.  If oil-based lube is your thing, use caution if you decide to put the two together.
Confused about condom sizing?  What the heck is "nominal width?"  Read all about it in our blog post How To Find The Right Sized Condom!