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23 Nov 2020

Our Top 10 Toys of 2018

We get this question all the time "What's the best sex toy?"

And our answer is often, "Well, that depends on who's asking. Everyone's body & preferences are different, so it's hard to say what will be best for the individual."

While that is very true, we figured we would dig into our sales data to see what toys, lubes etc. people loved most in 2018. So here it is, our top 10 products of 2018. 


#10 - Double Delight

The Double Delight rocked our world in a few unexpected ways. First off, it is light. At just over 0.5lbs it is the lightest double ended toy we carry. Why does weight matter? Well, we find that many people are looking for a toy that can be used without a harness, held up by pelvic muscles alone; this toy was one of the easiest to do this with that we’ve tried (barring one with a large insert like the Share). Another surprise was that unlike other double-ended toys, the Double Delight is solid enough to use with no bobbing or sagging while you’re wearing it.  Control is in the palm of ... uh, seat of... um, well, you know what we're getting at. This is one of our favorite and best sex toys because it makes a double ended toy easy to use.


#9 - Pink Cadillac 

This vibrator has been a well-loved favorite for a long time. It's a great toy for the adventurous first-timer who wants to explore internal & external stimulation at the same time. This is the next step in dual action/rabbit style vibes.  The insertable portion has superior movement with an undulating head and 4 individually threaded rotating rings of beads.  The external part is wide with tiny ticklers positioned to touch you just right. This is one our best sex toy list because it offers so much in one toy!
You control the inside and the outside separately with 6 total buttons.  One stretch of 3 turns the outside on/off, changes the intensity, and changes the pattern.  Same for the inside!

#8 - Mod Kit

This toy combination is kind of like the "build-a-bear factory for sex toys" and also makes trying a couple different sex toys without spending a bunch of money. It has a detachable motor that you can remove from the different attachments. It comes with two different attachments and the motor. The attachments are an external "pebble-shaped" vibe that is great for clitoral & perineum stimulation. It also comes with a cockring attachment that is great for penises, dildos & fingers. This versatile toy has made a great addition for sex toy collections where you can mix & match your pleasure. This is one of our best sex toys because people love having a bit of variety to play with. 

#7 - Divergence

Have you ever held your external clitoris between two fingers, massaging down the length of it from either side? Ever had someone tug and squeeze the clitoral hood with their lips? Now imagine those lips or fingers, or both at once, and imagine them vibrating. And pulsating. The Divergence is a sophisticated little vibrator that fits flat into the palm of your hand. It has two flexible ears that spread to accommodate anything up to the size of a thumb! 

#6 - Twist & Shout

The unique twisted shape of this toy creates a full and extra stimulating experience. It's girthy but the shaft is also flexible so you can bend it to fit you! It has a slight seam on it, but the texture is so incredibly smooth, we didn't notice. The deep & rumbly vibration of this toy was a pleasant surprise, and you just can't beat a toy with a 5-year warranty! 

#5 - Purple Wave

There are a lot of different shapes that vibrating toys might be, but curved a little at the end of something long and thin is a classic! The curve allows you to more easily reach a gspot, gracefully curve over a clitoris, or hug a penis. The waves up the shaft create sensation when moved in and out of a vagina (this toy isn't butt-safe, sorry). This is one of the best sex toys we carry because it's affordable, silicone & gspot oriented.

#4 - Wish

This toy had all of us at staff meeting oohing and ahhing over it!  Everyone wanted one!  Wish has a soft, cushiony exterior that’s slightly curved and shaped like a triangle.  Similar to a wand, Wish offers broad stimulation. Pushing into the product stimulates both the external and internal clitoral nerves.  Lay it over your vulva, on sore muscles, attach a suction cup dildo to the exterior, or use the tip to pinpoint an area with its deep, rumbly vibrations.  
The vibration that Wish offers is unique because of the way that engineers were able to mitigate the harmonic dissonance normally found in dual motor toys.  Whatever they did, they really shook our tree!  The toy vibrates in the usual fashion, but every now and again, with no discernable pattern, it jumps or moves a little with a wave-like feeling.  They call it PowerPulse technology, and that's why this is one of our best sex toys.

#3 - Tiger

Ridged and rippled for some serious sensation, Tiger will having you purring in no time!  This popular shape now includes a bendy silicone shaft that moves with you, making a plethora of positions possible. With its tempting ridges, curved tip, and flared base, Tiger is ideal for extra-intense G-spot or prostate play.
On a practical note, the loop handle and raised buttons make it a cinch to operate TIGER from any angle, even if your hands are covered in lube. And if there are? Don’t worry, this vibe is 100% waterproof.

#2 - Sutil

When a lube beats out almost all of the sex toys for our most popular products, that's saying something This lube is well-loved by our staffers and customers rave about it. It's not a stretch to say that one of our best sex toys is lube.

When our two favorite water-based lubricants, Liquid Silk and Maximus, disappeared from the U.S. market, we cried. Many of our customers cried with us. But a year and a half later, Hathor Aphrodisia has come to the rescue with a product that has simply soared in popularity! It's a water-based, medium-thick gel that is long lasting, gentle on the most sensitive of skin, easy to clean up, neutral tasting… what more could we ask for?


#1 - Rechargeable Magic Wand 

What people love about the Magic Wand Original is the power, strength, and intensity.  The Magic Wand Rechargeable maintains that powerhouse reputation, with some added oomph of its own.  Where the Magic Wand Original had a vinyl head, the Magic Wand Rechargeable has a silicone head, so you can sterilize it. This is without a doubt one of the best sex toys out there!
The best part is that, while it's rechargeable, you can also use it plugged in with its 7' cord.  This means you'll never run out of charge at the wrong moment again!
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